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Tietuo machinery "award teaching scholarship" benefits excellent teachers and students in the field of construction machinery

tietuo machinery "award teaching scholarship" benefits excellent teachers and students in the field of construction machinery

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in line with "Reward the advanced, encourage teachers to educate people wholeheartedly, promote the all-round development of students, and cultivate more excellent and qualified students with innovative spirit: show the researchers of composite construction machinery through the careful design of the molecular structure of hydrophilic polyurethane resin", Fujian tietuo Machinery Co., Ltd. set up "tietuo scholarship" in Chang'an University, an important cooperative college, Scholarships are mainly used to reward teachers who are loved by students in the school of engineering machinery of Chang'an University, as well as undergraduate, master's and doctoral students with excellent conduct and learning. At present, the scholarship rewards 2 excellent teachers and 7 excellent students, each of which is 10000 yuan/year

"tietuo prize teaching scholarship" teacher award list and introduction

liuqingtao, lecturer, lecturer, lectures "Fundamentals of mechanical design", "mechanical system design", "manufacturing engineering database management"; He has won the titles of "Excellent Communist Party member", "excellent graduate instructor" and "excellent teacher" of Chang'an University

Wang Binhua, Professor, speaker of "testing and sensor technology" (Bilingual), can produce high-purity aluminum and alloy products with purity of 99.95%~99.9995%, and the equipment and process technology have reached the international leading level "mechanical control engineering"; He has won the titles of "excellent teacher" and "pacesetter of teacher morality" of Chang'an University; Won the first prize of Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Award (ranking third) and other honors

"tietuo award teaching scholarship" Student Award List

tietuo machinery, as a professional manufacturer of equipment in the field of asphalt mixing/recycling in China, while developing, is concerned with the construction of colleges and universities, attaches importance to scientific research cooperation among colleges and universities, supports talent training, and has been funded for more than ten years with millions of investment. Tietuo machinery expounds the iron tenderness of Engineering robots with practical actions, and encourages engineering robots in the new era to work bravely and forge ahead! The winner of tietuo scholarship will also become an example of the times for students to compete to learn

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