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Tietuo machinery: from making products to making standards

recently, Fujian tietuo Machinery Co., Ltd. has had a series of happy events. First, it has obtained the certificate of quality management system for weapons and equipment; second, it has led the revision of the standard of the recent asphalt mixture plant mixing hot recycling equipment; third, it has won the "May Day Labor award of Fujian Province". Recently, Fujian tietuo Machinery Co., Ltd. has had a series of happy events. First, it has obtained the certificate of weapons and equipment quality management system; second, it has led the revision of the standard of asphalt mixture plant mixing hot recycling equipment; third, it has won the May Day Labor award of Fujian Province

as a high-tech enterprise integrating the R & D, production, sales and service of large-scale mixing equipment such as asphalt mixture, asphalt recycling and dry mixed mortar, tietuo machinery has developed rapidly in recent years. Up to now, its sales and service network is 1 Qc/t211 ⑴ 996 "test method for light alloy wheels of motorcycles and mopeds" covers all provinces and autonomous regions in China and more than 50 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. The market share of asphalt plant mixing hot regeneration equipment ranks first in China

Wang Xiren, chairman of tietuo machinery, said that these achievements were inseparable from the company's efforts and improvements in practicing craftsmanship, innovative development, value-added services, green manufacturing and so on

Wang Xiren, who was born in technology, has always attached great importance to the production process and product quality, encouraged employees to practice the spirit of craftsmanship, insisted on people-oriented, mutual respect, and actively created a harmonious and stable labor relations and enterprise production environment while seeking enterprise development. On May Day this year, tietuo machinery won the May Day Labor Medal of Fujian Province

Wang Xiren believes that to carry forward the craftsman spirit, three conditions need to be met at the same time: from the perspective of people, they should have professional qualities and skills, and be able to focus on their own fields for a long time; In terms of instruments, good processing auxiliary equipment should be available; In terms of mechanism, there should be strict system management, supervision, promotion and improvement mechanism. The three complement each other. At present, tietuo is also gradually improving and upgrading

in order to build a strong team, tietuo machinery attaches great importance to the research and development of core technologies. At present, there are 46 professional R & D personnel of asphalt mixing equipment, including 17 senior R & D personnel. In addition, the company also maintains long-term and stable cooperative relations with well-known experts, colleges and scientific research institutions in the industry, and invests more than 4% of the technology research and development amount of sales to provide guarantee and support for good products

from making products to making standards

there is a saying in the business community: first-class enterprises make standards, second-class enterprises make technology, and third-class enterprises make products. Some people also say that products are like a way for enterprises to expand the market, and the standard is internal skill

the powerful combat effectiveness of this heavy weapon is being mastered by more and more enterprises. Tietuo machinery has also found a new way from product leadership to technology leadership and then to standard leadership

on April 1 this year, the standard of asphalt mixture plant mixing hot recycling equipment (No.: gxb/ly), which was revised by the road construction machinery branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, was approved by China Construction Machinery Industry Association and officially issued for implementation

as a leading enterprise of domestic asphalt plant mix hot recycling equipment, tietuo machinery has rich experience in equipment design, manufacturing and use. In the process of preparing and revising this standard, tietuo machinery led the preparation and revision of the standard with the cooperation and support of more than 10 experts in the industry

the standard specifies the technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marks, packaging, transportation and storage of asphalt mixture plant mixing hot regeneration equipment, which is suitable for plant mixing hot regeneration matched with forced intermittent asphalt mixture mixing equipment and using drums to heat the recycled materials. If necessary, viscometer measurement equipment can be used

service value-added to expand the international market

in terms of service leadership, tietuo machinery has installed a thousand mile eye for the machine, and made every effort to promote the full life cycle management and maintenance services of products, so that services can add value to products

the company has built a remote intelligent service platform. The asphalt mixing plant collects equipment parameters through the intelligent control system and adopts wireless network communication technology to provide real-time monitoring equipment, remote diagnosis, fault early warning, control system upgrade and other services. Wang Xiren introduced that the Internet based remote assistance after-sales service has the characteristics of fast response and high work efficiency. It is more convenient for customers to maintain machinery and improve work efficiency. After sales engineers also have to cut or fold raw materials to upgrade equipment according to data monitoring. Through remote monitoring, diagnosis and maintenance of mechanical equipment, the company not only saves a lot of after-sales service costs, but also improves the after-sales service experience of customers

last year, taking advantage of the east wind of the the Belt and Road and the fast train of infrastructure construction interconnection in surrounding countries, tietuo machinery ushered in new development opportunities. It not only opened up new foreign markets such as Indonesia and Kazakhstan, but also increased its expansion efforts to the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Nigeria and other Central East Asian and African countries, and added marketing agencies in four countries. At present, the marketing service network of tietuo machinery covers Europe, Asia and Africa, and sets of equipment are stationed in New Territories. Wang Xiren said that tietuo machinery will continue to cultivate products, speed up the pace of expanding the international market, and make Quanzhou Zhizao brand go further

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