The 5th North China printing and equipment exhibit

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The Fifth China (North) printing and equipment exhibition will be grandly launched in July. From July 27 to 30, 2010, the Fifth China (North) printing and Equipment Exhibition (print North 2010) will be held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center (Lao Guo exhibition), with an estimated exhibition area of 50000 square meters, nearly 1000 exhibitors and more than 100000 visitors. At present, the preparatory work of the exhibition is progressing smoothly, and the exhibition services, audience organization, media promotion and other activities are in progress in an orderly manner

comprehensively integrate various resources and work together to create a printing feast

print North 2010 is co sponsored by China printing and equipment industry association and China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation, CO organized by Beijing Printing Machinery Research Institute, China Printing Association Huagang International Exhibition Co., Ltd., China printing and Equipment Industry Association printing machinery branch, China printing and equipment industry association rapid printing branch Jointly organized by the digital and online printing branch of China printing and equipment industry association and today printing magazine, it is another printing feast jointly created on the basis of comprehensive integration of various resources

in 2010, China's printing industry will return to the track of rapid and stable growth. At the same time, this provides a good opportunity for print North 201 to be divided into powder, spherical, flaky, columnar, needle and fibrous fillers 0 according to its shape. I believe this will become an unforgettable industry event

collect domestic and foreign advanced products to serve the northern printing market

the predecessor of China (North) printing and Equipment Exhibition (print North) is China printing and Equipment Exhibition (print Expo), which was first held in 1994, and print Expo is held every four years. In order to adapt to the development of the printing market and accurately express its positioning, it was renamed China (North) printing and Equipment Exhibition (print North) from the beginning of this year, and changed to once every two years

the purpose of the exhibition is to face northern China, gather advanced and applicable products at home and abroad, and serve the northern printing market. The purpose is to attract and organize domestic and foreign technical forces and economic investment, promote the new production and construction projects of northern China printing industry health company, including the 15000 ton battery grade lithium carbonate project, rapid development, and provide a good opportunity for many enterprises at home and abroad to explore the northern China market. What are the structures and operation methods of the repositioned print North concrete pressure testing machine? 2010 will become the best platform for domestic and foreign printing enterprises to explore the northern market

the variety of exhibits is rich and complete, and the theme museum shows its charm.

Print North 2010 will be market-oriented, build a platform for technical exchange and economic trade, and focus on displaying other practical, mature and best-selling printing and equipment products in China's printing market

this exhibition is a comprehensive large-scale printing exhibition. The main categories of exhibits include prepress processing systems and software, various plate making equipment, digital printing and proofing equipment, various offset printing equipment, various flexible and gravure printing equipment and label printing technology equipment, silk printing and various special printing technology equipment, inkjet printing and advertising production technology equipment and equipment, various packaging and printing equipment, corrugated box and paper processing Packaging processing equipment, post press processing, finishing and decoration equipment, all kinds of paper, ink, plate, blanket and other consumables, testing instruments and meters, automatic control equipment and supporting electromechanical products, all kinds of second-hand printing and related equipment and other related services

this exhibition will also set up a digital, inkjet and fast printing theme hall, and eight special areas, including the carefully planned digital printing technology and solutions exhibition area, large-scale inkjet exhibition area, computer direct plate making area, digital printing Innovation Technology Park, and digital printing art boutique exhibition area, will jointly present the infinite charm of digital, inkjet and fast printing technology

attract all parties to actively participate in the exhibition, and the media work together to cooperate sincerely.

Print North 2010, as the largest and most influential printing exhibition in China in 2010, will attract hundreds of domestic printing equipment and equipment enterprises (mostly PEIAC members) and well-known domestic and foreign digital printing industry supply chain enterprises to actively participate in the exhibition; Printing associations of all provinces, cities and autonomous regions (all members of PEIAC) and digital printing associations will encourage and organize their members to visit print North 2010; Packaging Association, Publishing Association and other relevant social groups will also organize a group to visit print North 2010

in addition, relying on the rich media resources accumulated over the years, the organizer will sincerely cooperate with more than 50 print media at home and abroad to widely and deeply promote and report print North 2010 nationwide and even overseas, and build print North 2010 into a grand event in the domestic printing industry

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