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Lovol Sanqiu service team member Zhang Xincheng: around the "6-star" service

Lovol Sanqiu service team member Zhang Xincheng: around the "6-star" service

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during the busy farming season in Sanqiu, a large area of the country entered the corn harvest, and Hebei region entered the spring and autumn corn harvest handover, and the local operation harvesters were very concentrated

recently, the author came to Hebei Bazhou Haoda agricultural machinery company, 350 drug production workshop, where the author interviewed Deng Guangle, the service manager of the agricultural machinery company, and the name of a service team member constantly mentioned by manager Deng during the interview attracted the author's attention

"if the excellent service player is rated as 5 stars, I will give him 6 stars!" This is the first sentence that manager Deng said to the author when he mentioned Zhang Xincheng. "Xiao Zhang is really a good young man. He doesn't talk much, but he works solidly, seriously and industriously. Everyone in our service station likes him for his wide range of uses.". Manager Deng then added. Manager Deng spoke highly of Zhang Xincheng, a service member of Foton Lovol heavy industry dispatched to Hebei Service Station this year

out of curiosity, when the author proposed to interview Zhang Xincheng, manager Deng told the author that since Bazhou is now at the time of the spring and autumn corn harvest handover, and has entered a busy time, Zhang Xincheng received four dispatch orders early in the morning to repair the user, and it is estimated that he will be back in the evening

"Zhang Xincheng and the cold weather since he came to Bazhou, regardless of when he received the user's report for repair, he is always the first to take the initiative to ask for repair. There are at least 2 or 3 dispatch orders a day, and at most 5 or 6. He has never said hardship and complained that he is tired." Xiao Wang, a market salesman next to him, said

it is understood that Zhang Xincheng, who is 20 years old, has entered Foton Lovol heavy industry for the fourth year. At present, he is in the general assembly workshop 1 of Lovol agricultural equipment tractor factory. He is a versatile worker in the workshop and has been rated as "quality star", "improvement star" and other honorary titles for many times

at about 5:00 p.m. the next day, the author finally waited for Zhang Xincheng, who returned after the out service in the agricultural machinery company. After a simple cleaning, the author interviewed Zhang Xincheng. "Ability" is Zhang Xincheng's first impression to the author. This dark skinned, thin and tall boy is a little shy. After a simple communication, Zhang Xincheng, who relaxed, also told the author his own service story

the author learned that on September 10 this year, Zhang Xincheng came from the company to Bazhou, Hebei, the first stop of Sanqiu service. Just arrived in Bazhou at about 10 p.m. on the same day, I received a repair request from Master Zhang, a cross district user from Henan Province. "My car returning machine gearbox is broken. Come and show me." Master Zhang said anxiously. After learning about the situation, Zhang Xincheng and the staff of the service station immediately drove to the scene. When Zhang Xincheng arrived with the service station staff, Master Zhang was a little emotional. In the face of Master Zhang's complaint, Xiao Zhang didn't say too much, saying "master, don't worry, I'll fix it for you as soon as possible", and then he went into the rush repair

after emergency repair, the fault was finally removed, and the machine could operate normally. At this time, Xiao Zhang's forehead was full of sweat. Master Zhang saw all this, and his complaining mood gradually disappeared. Although the machine can start normally, careful Xiao Zhang still said to master Zhang, "master, you go to the field to cut for a while, and I'll observe it again." In this way, Zhang Xincheng followed Master Zhang's machine to and fro in the ground. He was sure that there was no problem before he was relieved, and his face also showed a happy smile

"little master, thank you so much. To be honest, I just have a try attitude. I didn't expect you to really come here at this point, and you are so dedicated. I was a little excited before, so it's not very interesting." Master Zhang held Zhang Xincheng's hand tightly after parking and said. "We can understand your mood when the machine breaks down and delays making money. Our Lovol service is to solve users' problems at the first time. Call me again if there is anything, I will arrive at the first time, and you can work at ease." With that, Zhang Xincheng overhauled Master Zhang's car and told him other matters that should be paid attention to. It was already more than 2 o'clock in the night to say goodbye to master Zhang and return to the agricultural machinery company from the field. Although he was tired, Zhang Xincheng thought it was worth it to solve the user's problems

"now it has entered the busy period of the third autumn. It is often to return late at night like this. Sometimes I even drive back and forth 400 kilometers to rush repair. Although I am tired, I am happy because users can learn a lot by using our Lovol car. 19. Bench safety device: there are many things about electronic limit protection. The key is to improve my professional skills in service work." Zhang Xincheng said proudly to the author

at the same time of the interview, Zhang Xincheng received a message from Master Liu from Bandong village, Xiong County, Baoding, Hebei Province, saying that his machine was harvesting in the field, and the clutch of the field returning machine suddenly broke, "where are you now? I'll rush there right away." Zhang Xincheng asked. At this time, the author looked at the time. It was just an hour after he came back. It was just the time to have dinner. Zhang Xincheng hung up and immediately installed the accessories and drove with the driver to catch up with the place of the accident. The author also went to the service site with Xiao Zhang. After nearly half an hour's drive, it was already dark when I arrived in the field. After getting off the car, he went straight to the accessory box to remove the accessories and came to master Liu's car. After simply understanding the situation with Master Liu, he immediately went into the rush repair. After half an hour of intense rush repair, the machine returned to normal work. Seeing that the machine was harvesting in the field again, Master Liu and Zhang Xincheng showed happy smiles on their faces

"Lovol's service is good, but it's not good if you don't accept it. Especially this young man, let's rush to your service and buy another one next year." Master Liu said with a smile. As soon as the voice fell, Zhang Xincheng's rang again. A user from Gu'an County, Langfang called to report for repair. Without stopping, Zhang Xincheng immediately drove to the next repair site. When getting on the bus, the author found that Zhang Xincheng, who was careful and serious, went to the trunk of the car and looked at the accessories on the car. "When I came out to serve in the summer of this year, I formed a habit with my master. I need to look at the accessories on the car every time before I get on the bus." Zhang Xincheng said seriously as he chewed the bread in his hand

this is our Lovol service team member Zhang Xincheng. As a member of Lovol's service army, he has a strong heart and professionalism, is not afraid of hardship and fatigue, and works tirelessly. With their skilled skills, he interprets the spirit of wholeheartedly serving you Lovol, and moves every user with his own practical actions

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