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The 5th India International Construction machinery, building materials machinery and Construction Vehicles Exhibition was held on December 11-14, 2018. The 5th India International Construction machinery and Construction Vehicles Exhibition (baumaconexpoindia2018), CO hosted by Munich International Expo Group (MMG) and American Equipment Manufacturers Association (AEM), was held in the exhibition hall of India Expo center in Gurgaon, New Delhi

on site of the opening ceremony of the exhibition

according to the organizer, the total area of the exhibition reached 170000 square meters, and the number of exhibitors reached 672, an increase from 647 in the previous session; The exhibition area increased by 13% over the previous year. Foreign well-known enterprises such as Caterpillar, ACE, case, JCB, Kobelco, peri, Putzmeister, Volvo, Wirtgen and so on all attended. Leading Chinese construction machinery manufacturing enterprises XCMG, Sany, Zoomlion, Lingong, Shaanxi construction, etc. all brought major products to the exhibition. Sany, with an exhibition area of 1500 square meters, is the largest exhibitor of exhibitors. Sany's on-site wonderful performance has also become the most eye-catching highlight of the exhibition

the China Construction Machinery Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association) and the machinery industry branch of the China Council for the promotion of international trade (hereinafter referred to as the China Council for the promotion of international trade) organized a Chinese exhibition group. The manufacturing of 5 test samples of the participating enterprises was as important as the testing accuracy of the universal material testing machine itself. The exhibition area reached 863 square meters, a significant increase over the previous session. Another 4 Chinese enterprises, including China railway equipment The third and third class of Liaoning participated in the exhibition in the name of independent exhibitors

On behalf of the Chinese side, Qi Jun, President of the Association for the promotion of machinery trade and Gao Jun, Deputy Secretary General of the China Council for the promotion of machinery trade, attended the opening ceremony held by the organizers, held working talks with the Munich organizers in the afternoon of the same day, and had a frank exchange on the participation of Chinese enterprises

on the morning of the 12th, the second day of the exhibition, a briefing on the development of China's construction machinery industry and a bices2019 promotion meeting were held at the booth of the association. The guests included Qi Jun, President of the association, Gao Jun, Deputy Secretary General of the China Council for the promotion of machinery trade, Li Kaien, managing director of the Asia Pacific region of the American Equipment Manufacturers Association (AEM), and more than 20 media representatives and exhibitor representatives from India (three), Singapore and China. At the conference site, everyone was full of expectations for the holding of bices2019

During the exhibition, the association also held very friendly talks with the Indian construction equipment manufacturers association (icema) and the Indian Builders Association (BAI) respectively. The Indian side looks forward to organizing a group to participate in the exhibition in China during bices2019, and closely cooperate with the Chinese side to jointly promote mutual cooperation and exchanges between industrial enterprises of the two countries, so as to help the sustainable development of the construction machinery market of the two countries

During the exhibition, the association also had useful exchanges with off highwayresearch on the current situation and future development trend of the Indian and Chinese markets

During the exhibition, chairman Qi Jun of the association visited outdoor Chinese exhibitors XCMG, Zoomlion, Sany, Liugong, Shaanxi construction and polycarbonate, and some indoor exhibitors of the graphene utilization technology laboratory established by Harbin Institute of technology. In order to have an in-depth understanding of the development of Chinese enterprises in India, chairman Qi Jun and President Xiang Wenbo of Sany jointly visited Sany's factory in India and learned about Sany's good Chinese image in the development of localized operations in India

chairman Qi Jun visited Sany booth and attended the new product release ceremony

chairman Qi Jun visited Liugong booth

chairman Qi Jun visited shaanjian booth

chairman Qi Jun walked this kind of material is made of 95% recycled materials

visit Shandong Ruixin tungsten booth

in order to further publicize Chinese exhibitors, the association and the China Council for the promotion of machinery trade have specially produced 200 English brochures of the China Pavilion of India exhibition, It has provided convenience for exhibition visitors and local major media to understand and get familiar with Chinese exhibitors and exhibits, and has been highly praised by exhibitors and visitors

to introduce BICES to Indian audiences and learn about BICES, the association also made bices2019 ilabo publicity exhibition shelves in Indian and English respectively; Rent TV to publicize the bices2019 exhibition and the development of China's construction machinery industry, send the bices2019 brochure to the audience, and warmly invite visitors to visit or participate in the exhibition in China

in addition to showing the technical level of the equipment, the exhibition organizer also provided more projects for visitors to learn and communicate. An 800 square meter demonstration area was opened for the on-site demonstration of the equipment. This exhibition is the first attempt to hold a buyer seller forum, which allows exhibitors and visitors to make an appointment in the buyer seller lounge. At the same time, during the exhibition, a number of industry conferences and technical exchanges were held to focus on the latest industry trends and development directions

the accelerated development of the Indian construction machinery market has benefited from the substantial increase in capital investment by the Indian government in recent years and the development of road construction and farmland irrigation. Engineering projects have mushroomed. The $91 billion infrastructure project and the $1 billion airport construction budget are part of the key investment decisions announced by the Indian government, and the road construction traffic volume is planned to increase to 48 km/day from 27-28 km/day in 2017, It will make India the second largest country in the world. The survey and analysis report of off highwayresearch in April 2018 shows that India's engineering and mining industry will continue to grow until 2022. The Indian engineering Manufacturers Association (icema) predicts that the impact sample gap projector is expected to achieve a 10% growth in India's GDP by 2024. The strong reform measures and positive expectations of the Indian government will give strong support to engineering construction projects. These favorable policies have increased the demand for construction machinery and equipment in India. Baumaconexpoindia exhibition will boost the sales volume of construction machinery products, and effectively promote the infrastructure construction in India and South Asia

with the gradual implementation of the "China" initiative, Chinese enterprises have gone out one after another to cultivate overseas markets in order to seek greater development space. Baumaconexpoindia has been held since 2011 and has been held regularly every two years since 2014. At present, it has developed into one of the largest construction machinery exhibitions in India and even South Asia. With the continuous development of Indian economy and the increasing demand for construction machinery in India, Chinese construction machinery enterprises will compete with the world's top enterprises to jointly explore the South Asian market

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