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CIMC Lingyu's fifth summer employee swimming competition came to a successful conclusion

CIMC Lingyu's fifth summer employee swimming competition came to a successful conclusion

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in order to further activate the company's culture, strengthen the exchange and learning between enterprise employees, and cultivate a working atmosphere in which employees catch up with each other in their work. On August 22, the autumn was crisp, the wind was light and the clouds were light. The fifth summer staff swimming competition of CIMC Lingyu was kicked off in Zhonghe swimming pool in Luolong District. More than 30 swimmers from all branches of the company participated in this swimming competition

as a trade union activity held by CIMC Lingyu over the years, although the number of participants in this swimming competition is lower than that in previous years, everyone's enthusiasm is unprecedented. Their achievements in men's individual and team events have comprehensively surpassed those in previous competitions, and they are the best swimming in recent years

there are men's 50 meter freestyle, 50 meter breaststroke and 4x50 meter mixed relay in this competition. In terms of men's 50 meter freestyle, in addition to this, it is also necessary to often coat these areas with rust preventers. The oil tank business department focuses on the research and development of low-temperature starting and sealing technology for core hydraulic components such as low-temperature materials, pumps, valves, etc. suitable for polar navigation ships. After failing to win the championship last year, Qu Zhong once again stood on the court. When asked what achievements he wants to achieve, "I came for the champion" Qu Zhong was confident. Sure enough, as the whistle sounded, Qu Zhong took the lead. After the first half, he was nearly two positions ahead of the second place player. Finally, he also touched the wall first with a score of 39.03 seconds and stood on the podium of the champion. As the seed player of the company's swimming competition over the years, sun Zhonggui of the production support department failed to continue the previous brave performance in this competition, ranking second in 43.44 seconds. After the competition, Master Sun said frankly: now I'm really old, only a year old, and I obviously feel that my body is much worse than before

unlike the 50 meter men's freestyle, the breaststroke competition has become the world of young people. Yang Bonan, from the environmental sanitation department, has never missed the company's swimming competition over the years, but he has never missed a medal. After so many years of experience, Yang Bonan finally got his wish this year, accumulated a lot, won the championship in the men's 50 meter breaststroke with a score of 48.13 seconds, and Yin Zhiqiang of the tank car business department won the second place. There was no suspense about the men's 4x50 meter mixed relay. The champion belonged to the production support department, and the runner up was won by colleagues from the technology development department

as of this year, the summer staff swimming competition organized by the company's labor union has gone through five years. Different faces appear on the podium every year, and different surprises appear in front of you every year. This not only reflects the spirit of the majority of Lingyu people to be positive and strive for the first place forever, but also the specific behavior of CIMC Lingyu to practice the "people-oriented" corporate philosophy. Let's bring your courage to work, especially in the wet construction environment, and work together for the future of CIMC Lingyu

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