The 60 year growth process of Baotashan paint

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60 years of Chinese paint: the growth process of Baotashan paint

Shaanxi Baotashan paint Co., Ltd. is a "high-tech enterprise" committed to the research, development, production and sales of fine chemical products of servo valves after fine cleaning of paint, paint, resin and fatty acid. It is also the first batch of "excellent demonstration enterprises of manufacturing informatization" in Shaanxi Province and the vice chairman unit of China paint Association. The registered capital of the company is 50.05 million yuan, and the total capital of China's wood plastic industry has achieved a quality of more than 200million yuan in terms of technological level and performance indicators, with an annual production capacity of 50000 tons of paint and coating. The credit rating of the company is AA. It has been awarded the title of "contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise" by Shaanxi Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce for many consecutive years, and has been recognized as "integrity enterprise" by Shaanxi Provincial Association of banks. It is also the only joint-stock enterprise in Shaanxi Province that adheres to cash dividends for 10 consecutive years

the company was founded in 1958. After several generations of hard work, its sales volume and sales revenue rank first in the northwest. It has more than 180 marketing points and more than 50 franchised stores nationwide, has "self operated import and export rights", and controls three subsidiaries of Shaanxi Maolin Hotel, Shaanxi Baotashan Packaging Co., Ltd. and Xinjiang Baotashan paint Co., Ltd. Among them, Shaanxi Maolin hotel is a foreign-related three-star hotel; Shaanxi Baotashan Packaging Co., Ltd. is the first Jinan Shijin back door and tail support pressure testing machine in Shaanxi, which is mainly used in the packaging production enterprise in the automotive industry that has obtained the packaging license for dangerous goods; The export scale of Xinjiang Baotashan paint Co., Ltd. ranks among the top ten in China. Its products have been exported to Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Southeast Asia, South Africa and other countries for a long time, and now it has earned a total of more than 30 million US dollars in foreign exchange

the company has strong technical force, including 46 technicians with medium and senior professional titles and 5 masters, and has jointly established a coating research and development laboratory with Northwestern University. The company's technical center is the only "provincial enterprise technical center" in the coating industry in Shaanxi Province, with advanced product production and testing facilities, as well as the coating design and construction capabilities of corresponding projects and equipment. The enterprise has passed the version change certification of ISO9001 international quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and national 3C compulsory standard certification. In 2001, the 6000t/a fatty acid project jointly constructed by the company and Tsinghua University was put into operation. The project is a key promotion project of national "Ninth Five Year Plan" scientific and technological achievements and a major scientific and technological industry project in Shaanxi Province in 2002, and has received the support of the Ministry of science and technology and the Ministry of Finance National Innovation Fund. The fluorocarbon resin coating production technology introduced by the company from the relevant research institutes of the Ministry of aerospace industry has been listed as the "double high and one excellent" project by the State Economic and Trade Commission in the Guo Jing tou [2001] No. 1000 document

the paint and coating products produced by the company have won many awards in previous national coating product quality evaluations. The main products of "Baotashan" brand paint are "national inspection free products", "China Environmental Labeling Products", "Shaanxi famous brands", "Shaanxi famous trademarks", the "coating recommended brands" of China Coating Industry Association, and the "national user satisfaction products" of China Quality Association

the company's products have been adopted by the "Shenzhou VI" spacecraft, Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, Qinghai Tibet railway, Zhongyuan Oilfield, CIMC Huajun, China Dongfang Electric Group, Qinling Zhongnanshan highway tunnel, Ordos airport and other key projects and industrial projects; Especially in the construction of Qinghai Tibet railway, a national key engineering project, the company's epoxy products stood out in the bid evaluation of many well-known coating enterprises at home and abroad, and achieved remarkable results of ranking first in the total score

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