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60 years of China paint: the growth history of China paint

Kunming China Paint Co., Ltd. was established in 1958, with a registered capital of 11.68 million yuan. It is a type I backbone enterprise under the jurisdiction of the state and municipality. It is one of the key manufacturers in the material industry that have significantly accelerated the exploration and development of domestic lithium resources in accordance with the national code for acceptance of construction quality of concrete coated structures GB 50204 (2) 002. The company is located in wangjiaying, Chenggong, Kunming, covering an area of 144 mu; The company has about 350 on-the-job employees and a design production capacity of 30000 tons. The products contain all kinds of resins, paints, coatings and cigarette plasticizers

the company has solid foundation management, advanced technology, strong equipment resources and economic strength. Three varieties have won the quality product award of the Ministry of chemical industry, eight projects have won the Yunnan Provincial Science and technology achievement award, and eight varieties have won the Kunming quality product award. The company has passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification and national 3C compulsory certification. "Zhonghua" brand paint is a Yunnan famous brand and a Chinese famous brand product, and is now awarded the title of Yunnan famous trademark by Yunnan Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce. "Zhonghua" products are widely used in light industry, machinery, construction, shipbuilding, military industry, electronic and electrical appliances, aerospace, automobile manufacturing and other industries. The products sell well in Yunnan Province and enjoy a high reputation in the southwest and surrounding countries

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